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John in 2018

2018 & 2019 Lyre Concerts and Workshops

Please note that events may be added at any time so check back regularly for one near you.

30th March to August 2019 - Japan and Malaysia

30th March Punga Ponga Cafe, Naho, Okinawa'John and Yoko' Concert
31st March Naho, Okinawa Concert with Tamiko Abe (lyre) and Yoko Takano voice, sanshin
2nd April Jinenjo Club, Tsukuba Concert
3rd April International School in Tsukuba Concerts
6th April Kazekobo cafe, Kawane Concert
9th April Ars Nova in Hamamatsu Concert
14th April Mori no Tsuki yoga therapy salon Kyoto Concert
17th - 24th April Tokyo Easter concert with Hajime Kira (lyre) in Minamisawa kindergarten
29th April Concert "Harps and Lyres" with Mitsuyuki Okabe (harp) and lyre and harp group
4th, 5th, 6th May Himi, Toyama Workshops
12th May Himi Concert
18th May Kyoto Concert with Kaai Hashimoto (flute) and Chio Matsuba (lyre)
19th May Kyoto Workshop
25th May Picture Book Museum Kyoto 'John and Yoko' Concert
1st June Okayama Workshop
2nd June Okayama Concert
3rd June Fukuyama Workshop
4th June Fukuyama Concert
8th June Osaka Concert John and Kenji Komatsuzaki (hammered dulcimer)
9th June Wakayama 'John and Yoko' Concert
16th June Nishinomiya Concert and workshop with Rieko Yahata (lyre)
19th June - 11th July Malaysia details to come
25th - 29th July Tohoku details to come
31st July - 4th August Hokkaido Special Lyre Workshop with Hajime Kira in Hibikinomuri
Ask for John's schedule in Japan via Satou Fumitaka at johnbillingjp@gmail.com or see http://lyre4321.wixsite.com/johnbilling-japan