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John playing a lyre built by Murray Wright


The photo shows me and my "Teardrop Concert Lyre" made by Murray Wright in Australia. It's an amazing instrument with a chromatic range of over four octaves and a gorgeous, full, warm tone. Since 2008 we have travelled the world together! Above right a rather younger me plays the unique Biffin-Lyre.
For a brief history of the modern lyre see "A new instrument begins its journey" at Gartner-Lyres.

This year I will be touring in China* in April and May; recording in Ireland through the Summer and touring in Japan in Autumn. Please see "Concerts and Workshops" above for details.

*recent photos of a workshop in Zhengzhou can be seen here.

Here's a brief YouTube video of me playing my Prelude in C in Japan in August 2011.

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